Where do case managers go?

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Considering the incensitivity, lack of understanding and respect, ignorance, judgemental chatter, poor support, endless pathetic excuses etc etc etc that I've had from my WorkSafe Agent's Case Managers, and I've had troves come and go in five years (some gone before they even appear!!!!), I feel I deserve to have a little fun on the back's of the poorest, which is all but two of them.

Who says I can’t travel?

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I know I might be clutching at straws again but at the very least 360 cities is some great distraction and very light in capacity cost. And it's great planning for next time I have some serious pain relief (like a nerve block). I'll be off like a rocket! Ok, maybe not a rocket but compared to the usual pace it'll feel like it.

Express yourself

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I often don't feel like talking or explaining the same boring chronic pain story over and over. And I'm thinking there may be a few people out there who feel the same. So, here's some artwork for you folks. Feel free to use it to order caps, t shirts, mugs, honestly, do whatever you want with it, just don't take my name off or manipulate the artwork. Oh, and pop me a message of thanks. Perhaps even come back with some images and I'll create a pain gallery!!!

Pain loops, syndromes and an over protective brain

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How many definitions for pain signals are out there? It doesn't stop and I have to be really honest here, it all sounds like hogwash for a person who was unstoppable and prior to her injury had the stamina of a bull (as a friend once described me).