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Five years on…


Five years were needed to finish the garden and surrounding buildings of the Taj Mahal Read more…

A mother was given a 5 year prison sentence for sending her five year old son to a school district where she had no permanent residence. Read more…

Willow the cat went missing in Colorado during a house renovation. Five years later, miraculously, the feline was picked up stalking the pavement in Manhattan in New York City and is being reunited with his owners 1800 miles away. Read more…

It took five years for Facebook to make a dime. Read more… and it took five years to reach seven hundred million worldwide users. Read more…

Five years after the first ever tweet, the 572,000th twitter account was created and the 177 millionth tweet was sent. Read more…

It took five years to build the Christ Redeemer Statue that stands 125 feet tall atop the Corcovado Mountain high above Rio. Constructed in France by sculptor Paul Landowski, it was shipped to Brazil in pieces, and then carried up the mountain by train, where it was reassembled. Read more…

It took Emma Thompson five years to write Sense and Sensibility, for which she won an Oscar. Read more…

In 1980 Post-it® Notes were introduced nationwide. It took five years to perfect the specifications and design machines to manufacture the product. Read more…

It would take 5.4 years at Mach 1 (0.34 km/sec) to get to Mars from Earth Read more..

But my point, folks, is that it’s taken 5 years to find and shut my pudendal nerve up and greatly reduce my chronic pain.

Please spread this link www.pudendalnerve.com.au, pudendal neuralgia need not be a mammoth issue for anyone, and certainly a feat not worth enduring for any reward in the world.

Where do case managers go?


Considering the insensitivity, lack of understanding and respect, ignorance, judgemental chatter, poor support, endless pathetic excuses etc etc etc that I’ve had from my WorkSafe Agent’s Case Managers, and I’ve had troves come and go in five years (some gone before they even appear!!!!), I feel I deserve to have a little fun on the back’s of the poorest, which is all but two of them.

So I began by wondering where do case managers go?

  • Is it possible they come to their senses, simply realising they’re not helping injured workers at all and leave?
  • Are they shipped off to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and recycled into Oompa Loompa’s (and I mean this for the real dudds)?
  • Are they sent down a shute to a laundry brain wash and despatched into the world again with new hope?
  • (This is the scariest of thoughts) Are they promoted?
  • Do they continue working in the field hoping they’ll become the WorkCover Minister?
  • Do they run off to a monastery or vow they’ll do voluntary work to repent their sins for the rest of their lives?
  • Do they reform and go back to study law so they can represent injured Australian workers?


Just a little paperwork!


WorkCover paperworkQuite a pile hey? I’m impressed myself, it’s alot of documentation! In actual fact my husband has to pull these out when we need some ‘reference’ because they’re so heavy.  And there’s so much more correspondence that I’ve received via email too, haven’t printed that off! One day I’m going to make a great, big collage out of this pile (Eureka!). Thought about the bonfire but doesn’t work in this case. It’s something that needs to be seen to be believed. To be honest I look at it and admire my survival tactics.

Oh sorry, got carried away, you don’t know what this is? Oh come on, take a stab! A life time of bills? Bank statements over the last 20 years? What could possibly need five folders and cost a few trees? Why on earth would I have to document anything this much, what would terrify me, cause me to watch my back, leave me feeling I need to record to this extent, who can I distrust this much?

It’s my WorkCover related paperwork of course…  well most of it, since March 1, 2007. It roughly works out to one folder per year.


Pain score


I’ve only ever filled one pain score sheet where I felt there was a clear understanding about neuropathic pain (and I’ve filled a few in my pain time). The remaining sheets I’m sure, were created in the dark ages and leave me bewildered how any accurate conclusions can be made from them.

But I developed my own pain score which I’m sure when read by anyone without neuropathic pain, will be enough to convince them I’m mad and in fact I must have fallen on my head not my backside. But this site isn’t for those people, (go off and play… you don’t need to be here and good luck to you).

My pain score goes something like this:

Has this person been following you?


Don’t be fooled by the ‘human’ looking disguise, deep down the ‘p.i.’ male or female can usually be seen dressed well and in a car parked on your street. He/she could be eating in the car, perhaps holding a camera or look dumb founded and staring into space if you suddenly look their way. He/she can’t reveal truth, in fact if you actually get to speak to one they may call themselves an ‘assessor’ and make out they like you, they’re ‘here for you’. It’s their duty, their prerequisite to be sneaky, unsuspecting, appear resourceful, detective like, goodness they even believe that they’re honest and fulfilling their duty (!!!!!!!!), yes they’ll say they’re catching the baddies!

But dear ‘p.i.’, you won’t fool anyone who has an insurance claim… you’re clear as day to us, we know you really look like this behind your disguise. You are, in fact… a clown.

Who says I can’t travel?


I know I might be clutching at straws again but at the very least 360 cities is some great distraction and very light in capacity cost. And it’s great planning for next time I have some serious pain relief (like a nerve block). I’ll be off like a rocket! Ok, maybe not a rocket but compared to the usual pace it’ll feel like it.

First stop: Paris!

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Definitions of pain

What is Pudendal Neuralgia (PN)?
Most simply put PN is Carpal Tunnel in the pelvis/buttocks. Compression of the Pudendal Nerve occurs after trauma to the pelvis and is aggravated with pressure. The pain is often described as a toothache like pain, with spasms, sensations of tingling, numbness, or burning. It can be very debilitating.

What is Neuropathic pain?
Neuropathic pain is the result of an injury or malfunction in the peripheral or central nervous system. The pain is often triggered by an injury, but this injury may or may not involve actual damage to the nervous system. More…

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