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Poor excuses


Oh go on, let’s have some fun. What’s the poorest excuse you’ve heard from your WorkSafe Agent/Case Manager or employee from a related body and don’t name names, but let’s have a laugh… at their expense for a change.

  • Your back issue is a gynecological condition (Case Manager, Conciliator’s assistant, WorkSafe Agent)
  • Your Neurosurgeon doesn’t know how to write reports (Case Manager)
  • You have a Psychological Condition (WorkSafe Agent, Conciliator, Independent Medical Examiner, Case Manager)
  • You’re fit to deliver pamphlets (WorkSafe Agent, IME)
  • “Did you put your Sunday best on for me?” (IME)
  • WorkSafe don’t want to be seen paying for implants (Case Manager)
  • Do you know how many people want to close their businesses and live on the Government system? (Case Manager)
  • Tell me what report you want and I’ll tell you which building you can go to get it (One of the few honest employees in the System)
  • Your circumstances have changed (Case Manager)
  • No excuse, ignored/no return communication (Case Manager, Conciliator)
  • I cost the insurer $600 when I couldn’t attend an ‘independent’ medical examination and called to postpone my appointment (Case Manager)
  • The Independent Medical Practitioner you will be seeing will depend on who’s available at the time (this was when I asked if I would be seeing a Neurologist or an Orthopedic Surgeon)

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