April 12th, 2023 11:33 am

PainAustralia Survey Report: Impact of opioid regulatory reforms on people living with chronic pain

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When will patients be understood and listened to?! It’s obviously necessary to have a peak body addressing the needs of the pain community. Still, the frustration of [...]

August 16th, 2014 9:51 am

Interactions Between Injured Workers and Insurers in Workers’ Compensation Systems: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Research Literature.

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Most research on the effects of compensation has concentrated on examining outcomes rather than considering the compensation process itself... The majority of interactions were negative and resulted in considerable psychosocial consequences for injured workers

September 3rd, 2013 8:03 pm

$6 Billion woman and the $600 Million Girl

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the PELVIC PAIN report “Pelvic pain, while common, is often a hidden burden to the lives of many women. With emerging national and international knowledge about pain and the heavy toll it [...]

June 21st, 2012 10:46 am

Me, a case study! Pudendal Neuralgia-Masters Coursework

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The condition and existing barriers to management and practice My understanding of a 'syndrome' is that it seems to remain myth-like until serious research is undertaken and repeatedly produces the same findings in many patients. The Research for Pudendal Neuralgia is minimal worldwide, almost non-existent in Australia. Although specialists and therapists are documenting their work Pudendal Neuralgia can't seem to penetrate its existence in Western Medicine's Bible, and so it is unrecognised, misunderstood or ignored. So when my physiotherapist at The Women's Hospital mentioned Alesha Sayner and I heard she was compiling a presentation for her Masters specifically about Pudendal Neuralgia, I jumped at the opportunity to hand over all my experience knowing this is exactly what the issue desperately needed. I was even more enthusiastic that Alesha was interested in documenting WorkCover's understanding (not) and treatment (not) for injured worker's with the issue. Thank you Alesha Sayner and The Women's Hospital for this huge first step, so crucial to Australian sufferers of Pudendal Neuralgia, such therapy for me too!

November 30th, 2011 4:03 am

Jacques Beco M.D

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Dr. Jacques Beco is a perineologist that is located in Verviers, Belgium. Dr. Beco specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of pudendal neuropathies (pain, urinary and incontinences).

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