Wisdom + wit + warmth is so wonderful isn’t it?

My new life has brought about wonderful life experiences as a gallery co-director (magnificent title for such little physical input isn’t it?!).

One immense privilege and pleasure is being able to curate and sell the artwork of some of our most incredible Australian artists… like Michael Leunig.

While you read this, I’m in total bliss under full anaesthetic having my spinal stim implanted and my sacral stim (which fizzed) removed.

I’ve popped this poem in my head, and now yours too in the hope that Brain Plasticity, in all its madness as clarified so perfectly in Michael’s poem and illustration, works its nonsense on me.

(Hi babe, I’ll be out soon!)

I’ll report as soon as I can about my latest spin adventures. Meanwhile, send me some crazy vibes and let’s see what happens!

Brain plasticity

Brain plasticity: what is that?!
My lovely brain is going flat!
Like a battery that’s exhausted.
No lively spark. What has caused it?
This fading of lucidity?
Is it mass stupidity
And the grinding ugliness,
The silly, noisy, man-made mess
To which we find ourselves exposed?
The pathways of the brain get closed.
The mind begins to warp and shrink.
It’s getting very hard to think
With so much nonsense going on.
Where’s the joyful thinking gone?
The lovely eccentricity?
Help me brain plasticity!

brain-plasticity Michael Leunig

About Michael Leunig

For non Australians, Michael Leunig was declared a national living treasure by the National Trust and awarded honorary degrees from La Trobe and Griffith universities and the Australian Catholic University for his unique contribution to Australian culture in 1999.

Michale fled in disgrace from formal education and pursued a successful career as a factory labourer and meatworker where he nurtured his art and philosophy before beginning work as a political cartoonist for a daily newspaper in Melbourne in 1969.