I’ve got something really exciting and important to share with you all after a recent catch-up with my diagnosing physiotherapist and friend, Anne-Florence Plante.

Yes, my advocacy on this site may have ended, and I’m enjoying my shifted focus to my creative projects and myhealthstory.com.au, but I’ll never be able to stop myself from sharing helpful resources when I find them.

And this is a doozy!

With the shift of telehealth and global communication options, Anne-Florence Plante is now available for cross-country consultations (or in person if you’re lucky enough to be near Aix-en-Provence, France).

Get ready to listen, learn and return to a better quality of life.

I 100% believe that had I met Anne-Florence in the first six months after my accident, I would not have endured chronic pain.

And this is why I’m confident Anne-Florence will help you return to your whole, fabulous, painless self – or as closest as possible.

What she did for me after meeting me at my worst was nothing short of a life-saving boost. And a realignment. She popped me on the path to recovery, and even more than that, she reached me on a personal level, aiding my return to life with ideas relevant to me.

Look what happened when she suggested I tell my story… this site happened!

Anne-Florence is a specialist in pelvic pain and trauma. Her qualifications are extraordinary.

How you can meet Anne-Florence

  • Pop me an email
  • Confirm you have read this blog and are not a robot in the message (please, no personal details!).
  • I will share Anne-Florence’s personal contact information so you can work out your best contact details.
  • Assessment cost: 60 euros for a 40-minute consultation

And I would highly recommend not wasting this precious time. Do two things before you meet Anne-Florence:

  1. Watch the video of our chat and prepare specific questions.
  2. Arrive ready by getting your health story together and sending Anne-Florence a private link so she can view your story before chatting with you. You could save a few appointments by presenting your story before even uttering a word, in addition to getting precise and tailored care.

Prepare for the appointment

I can’t stress enough how helpful My Health Story is in presenting your story and getting the most out of your appointment.

Comunicate and present present your life details; how the issue began , your culture, your hobbies, and your goals ; use your words to pinpoint the issue and describe it ; upload important documents to the My Health Story Filing Cabinet , and then make a private Access Link and email it to Anne-Florence.

Hover over the words in the previous paragraph or view my public health story as a guide. I’ve also created a gallery below this post of My Health Story preview. And don’t hesitate to write to me if you need help with My Health Story.

I have kept in touch with Anne-Florence; our shared passion for helping people overcome chronic pain keeps us connected.

Whenever I’ve popped her messages of concern, her response completely unravels and explains that concern. It enables me to move on and sort out the issue, and she explains the triggers behind my thoughts.

Appointments with Anne-Florence were always a combination of personal and therapeutic support. She has a beautiful, friendly manner, is very easy to connect with, and she understands the emotional connection with pain, but also has a great instinct and natural ability for evaluating humans. I think this is what distinguishes the best healthcare practitioners.

I’m thrilled about telehealth and the global communication options because it means Anne-Florence is always there for me!

And now, Anne-Florence can be there for you too!

Pop me a message to receive Anne-Florence’s contact details and get ready to get better.

*Please reach out if you can’t afford the $49 annual subscription.
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your generosity and for your genuine caring of others.

I had my appointment with Anne-Florence this morning and had questions I have been seeking for years answered.  Including ruling out PN, which was a diagnosis I gave myself after years of doctors not knowing what was wrong with me and physio’s never challenging otherwise.

I now understand why treatment never worked for me and only made things worse, which is quite literally life-changing!, and now I can focus on the right type of treatment.
Again, Thank you.

– Anonymous testimonial

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