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Where do case managers go?


Considering the insensitivity, lack of understanding and respect, ignorance, judgemental chatter, poor support, endless pathetic excuses etc etc etc that I’ve had from my WorkSafe Agent’s Case Managers, and I’ve had troves come and go in five years (some gone before they even appear!!!!), I feel I deserve to have a little fun on the back’s of the poorest, which is all but two of them.

So I began by wondering where do case managers go?

  • Is it possible they come to their senses, simply realising they’re not helping injured workers at all and leave?
  • Are they shipped off to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and recycled into Oompa Loompa’s (and I mean this for the real dudds)?
  • Are they sent down a shute to a laundry brain wash and despatched into the world again with new hope?
  • (This is the scariest of thoughts) Are they promoted?
  • Do they continue working in the field hoping they’ll become the WorkCover Minister?
  • Do they run off to a monastery or vow they’ll do voluntary work to repent their sins for the rest of their lives?
  • Do they reform and go back to study law so they can represent injured Australian workers?


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  • jo

    They go to events with other Case Managers; things like sporting teams playing Basketball, Netball etc which are promoted throughout the Insurers’ as I have found out whilst researching some of my Case Managers’ 🙂

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