With Pudendal Neuralgia, or any other pelvic chronic pain issue, it can be impossible to sit pain free (let alone get away without a flare up).

Of course, I’m no pro when it comes to seating, but I’ve learned a lot from my own experience and from listening to the ‘ouch’ in my pelvis. The seating I needed, was most often hand-made! (Have a look at the one my gorgeous father in law made, it’s the stool with adjustable foot rest!)

Although I’ve worn out, thrown out, tried and tested so many more seating aids, I’m showing the ones that have lasted or worked for a while. These are the ones I often resort to when things are getting heated again.

All seating aidsIf anyone has any questions about them, just pop a comment below and that way we can keep the information going. I will definitely get back to anyone (except for spammers!).

Once again I will mention I’m not an expert, I’m just writing and sharing my own experience in hope of helping others in pain. The following is no endorsement or guarantee. If only!

Zip & Tempur Seats

Above left: Tempur pillow. Not the best for me to sit on but great for my lower back in the car to keep the vibration from my spine.

Above right and below: is a black zip folio envelope I sourced from Zetta Florence on Brunswick Street. I cut two pieces of foam/polystyrene and the idea was to disguise this as an ‘envelope’ handbag. It was light to carry but essentially was a seat without any coccyx pressure. So the foam was just pushed aside when sitting, allowing the coccyx to ‘float’. I used this everywhere and I was so happy to finally have a handbag!

Black Zip witih sponges inside

Below: This rubber tubing isn’t only brilliant for back pain sufferers, I think it’s essential to anyone driving around all day. In fact something like this should be a standard car seat! Theo bought this from ClarkeRubber. The idea was to have each tube run either side of my spine and down the back of my thighs so my spine hovered and I didn’t feel any pressure or vibration from the car. These were like magic for me!

Rubber Tubing

Below: Again this is the same foam as is in the ‘envelope’. It’s a  great material because it’s not so soft that you have to keep your balance and stress all the pelvic muscles (which is what I found with the traditional coccyx blow-up cushion). I used to always say I was more comfortable on the toilet seat, so we traced it! Even went one further and made a cut out. I often let my whole bum sit through this so that part of the foam supported my lower back and once again allowed the spine to hover!

Harder Sponge in Toilet Seat cutout

Below: The cushion on the left wasn’t the best. I always found the softer the cushion, the more I wobbled. This one was also taller so I sank in it and that caused pressure and a squeezing which was not good. The cushion on the right was simply great for knee support when sleeping on my belly/side. It becomes aggravating if my knee falls forward.

Coccyx sponge seat & airy spongy cylinder support

No, that’s not all, but it’s a good summary. So much trial and error with chronic pain…goodness knows I could write another lengthy post for all the shoes I’ve tried too!!!!