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Hello! Welcome to my website, pudendalnerve.com.au

I hope you’re not in ongoing pain but if you are, this website was created to provide resources to people who are experiencing chronic pain and/or trying to manage it.

My Story

My Story

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My name is Soula, and I literally fell into the land of pelvic chronic pain – specifically Pudendal Neuralgia (PN), on March 1, 2007 when a fitball I was sitting on burst and I fell to a concrete floor. At the time, I was working at ooi, my art & design studio that I run with my husband Theo.

Since 2007, I’ve learned alot about chronic pain – especially that you can manage it. I want people to learn from my experience because I believe my ongoing chronic pain could have been avoided. I was undiagnosed for 4.5 years and that was THE biggest trigger to my chronic pain experience.

You’ll need to learn alot about yourself and make some serious changes to your life (hopefully temporary and minimal) in order to be the best possible version of the new you.

I am an artist and now I also consider myself an advocate for people with chronic pain and Australian injured workers.

It’s been an overwhelming emotional journey since 2007. As well as the endless hunt for treatment that might lead to recovery, I have:


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