Retrain Pain Foundation’s Certification In Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

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Master the art & science of delivering biopsychosocial care for chronic pain. Reinvigorate your clinical work Get up to speed on principles of modern pain science Learn how apply pain science principles into practical skills that you can use in [...]

How does the learner like to learn? Visualised.

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I’m going to get more serious with my drive for patient management. Expect more posts about the job we’ve unofficially been hired to do. I know, I know, as if it’s not difficult enough managing pain, now we have to [...]

Pain Revolution Ride 2018 There and Back Again

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(Just quickly, I'd like to take this opportunity to say PainTrain – My Health Summary, Theo and I are so proud to have contributed to this year's Ride for Pain and the #painrevolution. I would personally like to thank everyone who contributed [...]

PNA event: How Can Physical Therapy Help With Pelvic Neuralgias

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Pudendal Neuralgia Association, Inc (PNA) invite you to a FREE online webinar: How can physical therapy help with pelvic neuralgias and self-help tips and Stephanie Pendergasts' Free Meeting for Males With Pelvic Pain April 18, 2018 6:30-7:30 PM EST ​Amy Stein, PT, [...]

Making Sense of Pain: A workshop for Health Professionals

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The eighth Inter-Professional Workshop For all health professionals who engage with people experiencing pain Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd June 2018. Wyllie Arthritis Centre, 17 Lemnos Street Shenton Park, WA For Details and on-line Registration Contact Melanie Galbraith, John [...]

GPADD 2018 Dealing with Addiction Conference – I’m Presenting!

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GPADD 2018 Dealing with Addiction Conference – I'm Presenting! It's a topic that needs serious attention and I'm honoured to be invited to speak and share my personal experience. My aim is to share the resources that I've found that have helped me avoid dependency, and to share resources that have helped me understand my complex chronic health issue. Education is key for both the patient and the professional in the management of chronic health issues.