December 3rd, 2021 2:49 pm

Presenting My Pain Management Story and Vision at the Murray City Coast Country GP Training

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It was wonderful sharing my story and vision at the Murray City Coast Country GP Training. AND especially presenting on a stage and in actual physical life to 50 general practitioners (GPs) who [...]

June 1st, 2021 9:23 am

A (fantabulous) Chat with (the fantabulous) Joletta Belton

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How I love mycuppajo – the wonderfully beaming human officially known as Joletta Belton. I was introduced to Joletta's blog by a mutual friend, Dr John Quintner (pain educator for Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA and retired pain physician). Jo's experience (science and creativity) makes her documentation about the complex lived experience real, interesting and easy to understand. It's so easy to relate to Jo. Jo and I also share the added frustrating experience of being an 'injured worker' and having to 'defend' our injuries to unjust workers' compensation systems. Her advocacy and achievements are extraordinary – she is a force driving change throughout the world of chronic pain. I'm so happy to be able to chat with Jo and deliver this video to you all. I know it will be inspiring, energising and informing. I also know that much of the way through you will have beaming smiles on your faces. It's just impossible to speak with Jo and not smile! In this video, Joletta and chat about: 1:04 Checkpoint – the meaning of (Jo's) life 3:53 Being the new 'you' 5:13 Purpose: the lived experience 7:55 The power of words 11:00 When there are no words 13:25 Patients & Practitioners 17:05 Science speak 21:13 Pain in realistic terms 26:15 Angry with yourself 28:50 Forced to defend 33:43 Livelihood loss 35:41 and beyond 43:33 COVID impact 48:02 Changing system-centered care 51:55 Gratitude

March 23rd, 2021 1:13 pm

On Neurostimulation

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Neurostimulation has been key in my management of pain. It's also satisfied my wish to find a way to be as self-sufficient with my management as I possibly can be. My first stim was a peripheral stimulation unit (leads under the skin) and that was implanted in 2011. I still have this unit as a backup. In 2015 I had a sacral stim implanted but that fizzed (in my opinion) within three years. So in 2019 I had the sacral stim removed and replaced with a spinal cord neurostim. WARNING: In the video, I talk about my experience and have a few Xrays pop up to demonstrate a little detail. If you're the squeamish type you may not want to see the images – they are small, however. Read key blogs about my stim implants experiences and adventures:

Pain management is unique to all of us and the key to navigating the complex journey (I believe) is gathering as much information as possible. I hope this vimeo is of great help.
February 22nd, 2021 9:18 pm

A Chat With Anne-Florence Plante (my Diagnosing Physiotherapist)

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Get the code to watch Sign up (FREE) below or make any donation to support my advocacy and watch ALL my Vimeos. Lost your code?  I [...]

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