Preparing for my recent trip to Venice, I felt the urge to look a little more stylish.

So I thought it was time to update my seating aid cover. I was specifically looking for another cover for my trusty custom-cut foam pieces.

I’ve sworn by these two lengthy single foam rectangles that have kept my tail off seats since I made them. It’s been over a decade.

Carrying this seat and having one on all my chairs at home and on hand when I’m out has, positively impacted my recovery. I don’t poke the beast each time I sit down.

I’ve never found any seating cushion available on the market to be perfect for me. Freddy came close but didn’t cut it for all seat scenarios.

Either the cushion is too soft, puts pressure on the wrong spot, gets too soft too soon, or the external fabric is too hot. Above all, most just hurt, and they are expensive!

So I began searching for a more stylish way to carry my seating aid. It had to tick all the boxes; be light, cleanable, fit my custom-made foam pieces, and fit inside my handbag if possible. It should look good tucked under my arm when it couldn’t fit.

I found it!

Thank you, Sunny Life.

I thought you might want to see the seat and (dare I say) my stylish self in action in Venice!