I’ve never had much success with inflatables. However, Freddie is a little different – he’s got structure and he’s not so wobbly.

If you’ve sat on one of those donut blow ups, you would have noticed it’s quite a balancing act. Although great to keep the pelvis moving, I have found my preference is for a more supportive seat. So I made my own with some really dense rubber. Sadly, I can’t find this rubber anymore and my rubber is flattening which is a concern.

By chance I was contacted by Dr Bruce Scott who offered to send Freddie for me to try. Dr Scott has been following my blog for a while, he’s really interested in helping people with persistent pain.

Dr Scott was after my feedback about my experience with Freddie – I am usually happy to help but I was a little reluctant that Freddie was an inflatable seat.

I feel it’s also very complicated giving feedback, as what might be useful or effective for me may not be for someone else – we all experience pain differently.

But I was a little curious about Freddie, he did look much neater than my home made cushion.

What I now love about Freddie is he is amazing in the car which is where I predominately use him.

Freddie is also cool and keeping a cool pelvis makes a huge difference for me. Freddie folds up nicely so when I’m moving between sit times I can just deflate Freddie. When I need to sit down again, a few breaths quickly revive Freddie back into a seat.

Again, I’m not suggesting Freddie will work for you but I thought I’d share my experience and let you know he’s out there and where you can find him.

I’d also like to thank Dr Bruce Scott for following, and for the effort he makes to better understand and improve the lives of people living with persistent pain.