While ‘researching’ places to eat as I sat by the canals drawing, Theo accumulated excellent bearings for Venice’s delightful geographical maze.

This helped us find the shortest way around the place when we needed it as we’re both always concerned about how my up-time is managed.

Theo gathered an impressive list of food recommendations, as mentioned in the full report of our Italian trip, Venetian Refuelling (part 1).

Soula by the canal

I decided to include the food list here as a separate blog as it’s quite long (could have been longer!)… thanks, Theo!

If you’re ever planning a trip, both Theo and I cannot recommend these mouthwatering, heart and mind-nourishing eateries enough.

Just creating the blog and uploading our photos has me salivating.

I’ll be drooling until our return.

Now… mangia, mangia!

In Cortona 

La Loggetta

An Etruscan setting up high over the town square with delicious Tuscan cuisine, La Loggetta is now recognised for its part in the Succession TV series. But to our dear friends who hosted us, it’s a local!

The most exquisite ingredients, care, pride and wines. Everything is impeccable from start to finish. We had:

  • Tomato/Burrata
  • Risotto with olive oil and grana cheese 24 month aged
  • Tomato tartare, buffalo mozzarella, seasonal vegetables and basil pesto
  • Chargrilled Chicken (dish of the day)

Sestiere Cannaregio 5631, 30121 Cannaregio

Between Line 1 stops Rialto and Ca’ D’Oro

  • Try the Spritz with lemon foam
  • Great grazing menu
  • The highlight was a poached egg sitting in warm foamy cheese and covered with what I would describe as a nest of grated truffle.

We had spotted this place from the Vaporetto many times but only visited it the day before leaving.

Would have returned back at least a couple more times!

Overlooking the canal, this ‘stylish’ restaurant is only six months old. It is part of ‘The Venice Venice Hotel‘, designed by the owner. A unique selection of clothes and furniture is available to purchase in the store upon entry. An astonishing amount of detail in the fit-out.

View Soula’s sketch at the restaurant via Instagram

Corte Contarina, 1535, 30124 San Marco

A two-minute walk from Piazza San Marco (hidden down a side street)

Dishes include:

  • Egg yolk on spinach with yoghurt powder and sheep’s cheese
  • Grilled octopus on sweet peppers with mint sauce medley
  • Spinach pappardelle with duck ragu, orange and thyme (duck cooked for three days – I’m positive it was wild duck…)
  • (Their version of) Spaghetti Vongole: with roe, smoked butter and lemon zest

The menu sounds and looks fancy but the authentic flavours of the food come through in every dish.

Calle dei stagneri 5242, e Calle Galiazzo, San Marco

Line 1: Rialto

A new take on traditional food. The description on the English menu does not do it justice.

  • Tuna Steak with green beans
  • Cold spaghettini with raw fish and scampi (great as an appetizer or main)
  • Smoked Swordfish and lobster bisque pasta (think seafood carbonara. The Swordfish takes the place of bacon, and the bisque holds it all together)

A great place to visit after shopping in the Rialto precinct. We enjoyed both lunch and dinner here.

View Soula’s sketch at the restaurant via Instagram

Calle Tron, 1131, 30124 San Marco

Tucked 2 minutes west of piazza San Marco

This venue has been transformed from a family restaurant to a gourmet Venetian eatery. We visited here 5 years ago when last in Venice. Lovely place to have a drink before dinner (sparkling Rose is our favourite) See their wine list here: 

For dinner:

  • Beef carpaccio with mustard sorbet (served with oven-baked bone marrow on the side)
  • Cold Spaghettino with raw tuna, pistachio and tomato signature dish)

Delicious desserts!

A great place to take some friends if you want to impress or to dine together.

Club del Doge (at the Gritti Palace)

Campo Santa Maria del Giglio 2467, San Marco
Line 1: Santa Maria del Giglio

We had two dinners here. We first visited Riva bar, where they serve the iciest martinis and then walked over for dinner.

  • Risotto with lobster bisque and raw fish
  • Steak tartare with egg yolk drops
  • Spaghetti with livers
  • Whole grilled sea bass for two
  • And the rest!

The coldest Martini you will have served up in Venice!

Enoteca Al Volto

Ramo de la Salizzada, 4081 San Marco

Line 1 Stop: Rialto

Get off at Rialto and leave the crowds behind, heading west and turning left into Ramo de la Salizzada. Open from 11.30am, this is one of our favourite cichetti stops. Also offers larger dishes.

Rio de l’Alboro, San Marco 2347

Line 1: Stop: S Maria del Giglio

  • Spaghetti Vongole (prepared with seaweed and a fish crumble)
  • Lamb chops
  • Steak with Truffles
  • Truffle pasta
  • Sea Bass

Other meals are also delicious and simple. Even though it may feel a little ‘touristy’, it is an excellent place for dinner along a picturesque canal.

View Soula’s sketch at the restaurant via Instagram

Salizada Zorzi, 4928, 30122 Castello

Line 1: S. Zaccaria (5 minutes north)

We first visited this restaurant four years ago and loved seeing the locals, Gondolieri and visitors

eating here. We had lunch here two times this holiday.

  • Raw octopus salad
  • Grilled Sea Bass
  • Cuttlefish with polenta
  • Veal liver with onions on polenta (sweetest liver in Venice)

Lovely outdoor setting under a vine-covered courtyard. Prosecco by the glass is a great option.

San Polo

Al Merca

Campo Bella Vienna, 213 San Polo (near the fish market)

Line 1 stop: Rialto Mercato

Hole in the wall with 1.50EUR panini and a good wine selection.

For that particular morning when you’ve had an early breakfast and can’t wait until lunch for a vino… ;)

Salizada San Stae, 1919 San Polo

Line 1 stops at San Stae. 50 m up the street directly in front of the stop

All indoor dining. Re-visited after eating here on our last trip.

  • Sliced octopus salad
  • Oven potatoes
  • Grilled sea bream
  • Calamari

The pasta looks amazing!

Great if you are planning to visit Ca’ Pesaro Galleria. The permanent collection is stunning!


Osteria al Cicheto

Calle della Misericordia (side of Lista di Spagna)

A small, intimate eatery and brilliant bar. Delicious food

  • Vongole
  • Spaghetti with red sauce

In Rome

Santa Lucia

Largo Febo, 12 (Piazza Navona) – 00186 Roma

  • Truffle pasta
  • Raw fish starter
  • Fantastic wine selection.

Slightly elevated outdoor restaurant in Rome. We felt like the only tourists there. Delicious offering, and even though only 1 min walk from Piazza Navona, it feels miles away from the bustling heart of Rome.

In Milan

Al Cantinone

Delicious surrounds as much as delicious food.

  • Smoked swordfish carpaccio with fennels, oranges, olives, marjoram and lime
  • Risotto with lemon, mint and Prosecco

Try the Veal cutlet with fired potatoes that many people seemed to be eating!