Are you ready to punch the next healthcare professional you see who asks, ‘Tell me your story’?

Are you sick of asking for your health information, searching for it, collating it, or sending bits and pieces of yourself all over the place?

Do you think, maybe, just maybe, it’s time to do things better, easier, faster, and in a less painful way? Can you imagine that a few little steps might be all you need to be prepared for EVERY appointment or anyone who asks to see your health story?

Well, here’s some more encouragement. I’ve made a coupon for a 2-month FREE trial for My Health Story so you can dive in and have a little go. And it’s not one of those ‘FREE’ later/pay now types of freebies; it’s an absolute freebie for two whole months until and if you decide, yep, I’m doing this.

There is no hassling with My Health Story; no one will be bugging you via text or email to sign in, do this or that – there is nothing you need to do but log in and update your info as you need to. That could be once a month… you might decide to sit down and do it every six months or a year. Or you might love logging in regularly and making lengthy notes… My Health Story is set up, so you can use it however you wish.

There’s no need to go on about this any longer; it’s what we all need to get our heads around. It’s time to start managing our health data, and as a personal choice health record App and website, My Health Story ticks the boxes.

It’s made as safe as possible, sitting on the safest web host possible, and I made it so you control the information sharing TOTALLY.

And I’m always here if you need any help.

Hop to it… Your story will only get longer, and the ability to recall important details will get harder.

And I promise you’ll love me for it.


For MHS Lite use ‘MHSTryMe
For MHS Premium (desktop & App sync), use ‘MHSTRYME2’.
Contact me directly for a desktop code.