Woohooo! The startup world is beginning to thrive with people who want to impact healthcare using their negative experiences.

These people want to help others, change the quality of care and make sure you get better faster.

One of these great people is Neala Fulia, and I am excited to have the chance to introduce More Good Days (MGD), a new online digital healthcare company Neala founded dedicated to helping individuals find relief from chronic pain – specifically fibromyalgia.

I’m also excited that MGD has become a Friend of My Health Story (MHS), which signifies a shared commitment to improving the quality of care for all of us. 

It’s what we all deserve and what has been so slow in coming.

It’s been lonely in this advocacy /health tech space. I began this site in 2011 and first presented the pretty crazy idea of managing and communicating your health story with an online tool in 2016.

BELOW: MGD Founder Neala Fulia and MGD contributor Dr Mandy Mercuri with MHS Founder Soula Mantalvanos at the Digital Health Festival, 202

But back to MGD and helping people living with fibromyalgia

The conventional approach to managing chronic pain falls short – don’t we all know it?

Like all chronic pain, treating fibromyalgia requires a holistic and personalised approach that considers the physical aspects and the psychological and lifestyle factors contributing to the pain.

There isn’t a general experience here or a template method to manage and treat it.

And so this is why MGD is brilliant.

The unique 12-week program offers a go-at-your-own-pace approach to chronic pain management. The journey begins with a comprehensive medical review by a doctor specialising in fibromyalgia.

What have I been saying about understanding each person’s experience? Get their story, and ensure you know it well (who is this person, how do they live, and what is their approach to life and health?). This is vital info; without it, the care you will receive will be generic – untailored for your situation.

The MGD program ensures that each individual receives a personalised treatment plan – tailored to their specific needs (hello!).

MGD equip you with effective tools and techniques to alleviate your symptoms while providing ongoing support through a dedicated support coach who will guide you every step of the way – you can even text!!!

For individuals like myself who got lost in the healthcare system, searching for effective treatment and misdiagnosed for 4.5 years, to now becoming an advocate for better healthcare that COMES TO YOU, this rise of online tailored care like MGD is thrilling.

People will get better quicker.

It also means people living with chronic pain – and other chronic health issues will no longer have to endure fragmented care (and pay for it worse still!).

MoreGoodDays recognises the importance of empowering patients and giving them some control over their health, just like My Health Story does.

I’m so happy to meet and team up with MGD founder Neala Fulia with our shared mission. But I’m more excited that you have solutions at your fingertips that can make you better. 

So go for it

– Sort out your health info with My Health Story
– Sign up for MoreGoodDays and treat that pelvic pain!