Cate Andrews is a PhD researcher from the University of Tasmania (School of Psychological Sciences) who is currently recruiting for an Australia-wide study titled

Understanding the Healthcare Needs of People Living with Pelvic Pain.

Cate contacted me and asked if I could help with the callout. She was particularly interested in hearing from people with diagnoses of pudendal neuralgia, vulvodynia, or painful bladder syndrome.

Do you have 30 minutes for a chat? This chat can be broken up into shorter calls if more easily manageable.

This study aims to understand the healthcare needs of people living with pelvic pain through qualitative one-on-one interviews. The study is open to all Australian women and gender-diverse people (presumed female at birth) aged 18+ years who experience persistent pelvic pain.

I know it can be tiring and stressful to participate in survey after survey and never really feel that your input has changed anything, but this is one of very few ways the healthcare industry learns and changes. Change requires real-life data, and that comes from me and you.

To participate or for more information

Email any questions to

Please express your interest via the survey link

Research Team Members
Chief Investigator: Dr Leesa Van Niekerk
PhD researcher: Ms Cate Andrews
Investigators: Dr Kim Jose, Dr Marie-Louise Bird

Participant Information Sheet
Recruitment Flyer