Oh how many times have I had an injection, operation, procedure, great massage, brilliant half an hour and instantly thought I would be back at work in no time? I have a great five minutes and I’m off, it’s happened so many times. What a suck!

But that sort of thinking has been a great survival mechanism for me because with neuropathic pain, I realised I had to be brave, I had to accept there was going to be more pain and there are really only two choices, cope or not! So, I got up, over and over, facing that damn punching bag, ‘having another go’ (get sick of hearing me tell myself that!), copping the whack again and having to recover over the course of a day (or two or three, depended on the activity!!)… but it IS really the only way I could, and still, measure my progress – trial and error.

All I’m saying folks is that over time I learned alot from paying close attention to my every move. And of course, I could only do this because I had the incredible support from Theo. I don’t think I could make any progress if I didn’t have the help I do at home.

*Insurance snoops, I’m being sarcastic here… a necessity for chronic pain!