Dr Valerio Vittone talking healthtech

Since investigating my DNA with Dr Valerio Vittone, I believe more that my health issue is not about chronic pain but rather about inflammation.

I’ve reaped magnificent rewards since implementing recommended dietary changes and supplements into my body, which have significantly impacted my health management. And I feel the impact and differences when I don’t implement the diet changes…. sheesh and ouch!

The best part is that I’m optimistic and expectant that I will keep progressing as my body’s inflammation process is lessened.

Well, that’s my altered view. I now prefer the definition of inflammation instead of the research that points to chronic pain being made up by the brain and a sticky memory. I’m just not convinced of that anymore.

This statement made by Dr Valerio Vittone in the Talking Healthtech podcast makes far more sense to me:

‘Some may ask why higher inflammation is correlated to so many issues with health. An inflammatory response that is too high causes cellular damage, with an associated increase in oxidative stress ultimately contributing to mitochondrial dysfunction. When the mitochondria get damaged or start to malfunction, the brain fogs and cognitive impairment starts to emerge, chronic fatigue syndromes start to emerge, and the list goes on.’

I’ve always had lots of allergies. I had asthma as a child. So I already knew that inflammation was alive in my body, but never would I have believed that trauma could ignite the Inflammasome gene and deliver the force of chronic pain… and cause the rest of the horror symptoms!

Since having the Inflammasome gene identified through my DNA investigations, I feel someone has finally diagnosed a part of my chronic health issue that no one has been able to do before. And it has been a massive part of my 15-year chronic health battle.

So what does COVID have to do with inflammation? Well, it’s a virus. And I was warned by Dr Valerio to be very careful with COVID, although the supplements I take protect significantly against COVID. Something certainly worked because I breezed through COVID like it was a sneezy cold.

I thought this would be an interesting podcast to listen to as snippets in this podcast touched on inflammation, chronic pain and aspects of chronic health issues like brain fog, chronic fatigue, and other now-recognisable Long COVID effects such as heart and breathing complications.

Remember, if you decide to see Dr Valerio mention my name to get a discount. He sees people via zoom, and the DNA kit is organised via Germany. Investigating your genetics is a significant cost. But I know the investigation results and changes implemented afterwards will make up for it in medical bills and your quality of life as it has for me.

Being able to work and enjoy life and feel better is something you cannot place a dollar value on. And beyond that, not losing hope and feeling things will keep improving with your chronic health problems is just GOLD too.