Who would have thought it? But these wobbly, jelly-like babies (officially known as Happy Ears) are helping me get a great night’s sleep.

At first, I thought the sound caused by putting these in the ear might set my sensitive sensorial bells off. Also, my pillow and the sheets make noise moving over the earplugs (as strange as that sounds), but a glorious and blissful cocoon arrives once I settle. 

Of course, a real cocoon doesn’t appear, but it feels like I enter one, and it is so comforting. 

Happy Ears (small)

The block to surrounding sounds provides this snugness around me. The vastness of home and beyond falls away.

I’m convinced the fishermen are no longer returning late at night or going out before dawn. The Sea Pilot that escorts commercial vessels in and out of local ports at any hour has stopped this work. The foghorns are sweeter, and the stomping family of possums and the confused birds that sang at odd times are finally in sync with my waking hours!

And Theo? Well he hardly snores anymore!

I just sleep! Sleep and I are all by ourselves.

Ok, I still need to shift position, but I sleep solidly between movements and each time I resettle it’s like entering the cocoon again. 

I hear my breath so loudly. For someone who has never been able to meditate, it never occurred to me that I could have just popped the earplugs in to listen to my breath! 

I fall asleep in minutes. MINUTES. 

Happy Ears

I’m not an earplug expert, but this packet of three that Theo purchased is excellent. And they are simple to insert. They stay in too. Please don’t get excited and push them in too far. Yes, I did. 

My recent DNA investigations presented insomnia as a possible issue for me. I never thought I had a problem; I always blamed my inflamed state for my broken sleep pattern. I could always manage to sleep hours despite my shuffling. 

In the past couple of years, though, I began having trouble falling asleep, and I’d wake at night for an hour or other lengths of time wondering what was going on – how could things have changed?

So earplugs it is, every night now. 

Theo and I also bought a gorgeous covelet and replaced our doona.

At first, the plan was to have the covelet for a casual crash on the couch, but we loved the feeling of its weight on our bodies and tried it on the bed.

Oh, bliss! The weight of the covelet has become an additional calming factor, and there’s no swishing of doona sounds all night.

Just try and sing me a lullaby now – I won’t get to hear it!

This new found energy

It’s a great feeling to have brain stamina to try new things.

You wouldn’t believe what else I planned! A St John of God first aid training course! No, I can’t attend four hours of training –this course is all done online!!!! Even the adult and baby manikins required for training are delivered to our home. 

As simple as that sounds, I still would not have attempted it.

There are many things I haven’t been able to do that have bothered me over the past 15 years. There are many things I have not even been able to think about doing. But this recent brain ability which I’m convinced is from my diet changes and new supplements, has given me enthusiasm and energy to seize more moments. 

The key now, is to not over do it. But it’s bound to happen as I don’t know where my new boundaries are.