Its limiting living in a birdcage!!!

But when you are injured, unable to work, need to rely on a system for money, you don’t want to risk losing your only source of income. So you sit, gagged, locked up, don’t attempt or try anything and that can be most damaging. How did I survive in the birdcage?

I never relied on my insurer for a plan or direction, no one knows ME like I do. I pursued my own therapy/treatment path, I persisted in trying to find an accurate diagnosis which then lead to appropriate treatment and ultimately, substantial pain relief. And when the pain relief came I got my senses back, and that’s when I felt I was living again. I haven’t completely escaped the birdcage as I am still unable to work but I can participate in some Occupational therapy and feel I am finally in a small form of rehabilitation. Hear it? I’ve gained some control again, I’m steering my life, I plan, I dream, I achieve, it’s an incredible feeling after 4.5 years, I feel FREE.