A national plan for better pain management (we hope!)

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MEDIA RELEASE 17 June 2019 At last – A national plan for better pain management Painaustralia has today launched the new National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management. Millions of Australians live with ongoing persistent pain. Chronic pain can have a devastating impact on individuals, their families, workplaces and the community, often contributing to problems [...]

ABC Workers’ Compensation System Investigation

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(Image: 2012 investigator’s photo, read the full post here) ABC investigative journalist, Pat McGrath is looking into the experiences of people who have been through the workers’ compensation system – and those who are still going through it. I recently spoke with Pat and mentioned I’d be happy to share a post on my website [...]

Under Anaesthetic, However…

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While you read this, I'm in total bliss under full anaesthetic having my spinal stim implanted and my sacral stim (which fizzed) removed. I've popped this poem in my head, and now yours too in the hope that Brain Plasticity, in all its madness as clarified so perfectly in Michael's poem and illustration, works its nonsense on me.

Ho, Ho, Holidays

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Can’t say I’m feeling festive. But my treatment glitch is no excuse to put a damper on everyone else’s holiday season. I love seeing people happy and having a great time. And that’s what I’ll be doing as Queenscliff fills with happy people who have sand between their toes and ice-cream on their tongues (not [...]

University of Tasmania Relationship Wellbeing Survey

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Researchers at the University of Tasmania would love to hear from women (and their partners) who experience various forms pf persistent pelvic pain. The research is aimed at increasing the understanding of the impact of persistent pelvic pain on relationship wellbeing. The surveys are completed online and confidential. You can access a link [...]


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There was no rushing to catch transport! And the sounds of Venice are soothing and happy. In the morning we woke to the sounds of the local's footsteps and the sounds of them working along the canal. Local chatter in the street, dogs barking and of course, the church bells. Sounds impact a person with a chronic illness. My mind was at peace, it felt rested, all was calming and gentle.

Managing chronic pain: Different approaches to a complex issue

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(Article from the RACGP website)  Neelima Choahan  26/07/2018 11:36:34 AM Chronic pain affects one in five Australians. newsGP spoke with a patient and a GP about some of the best ways to tackle the situation. Soula Mantalvanos, who has lived with chronic pain for more than a decade, believes GPs need to have quality resources to offer the [...]

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