Yep, it’s another call for your lived experience.

I know how exhausting and affecting these surveys can be.

I approach surveys with a personal mental measure of worthiness and value. In any given week, I can have up to three requests to provide information relating to my lived experience, and although all these requests are for a great cause, I can’t manage that many.

Surveys and informational calls are often conducted for research purposes, such as determining national agendas, identifying the purpose of a service or organisation, or collecting and validating data.

So, I pause to evaluate and analyse which surveys are worthwhile. As we know, participation is typically unpaid and can impact a person’s activity, pain, and fatigue levels. These things are triggering!

I think this one is worth it.

Any national group or body like Chronic Pain Australia, Painaustralia, Australian Pain Management Association, Pain Revolution will be worth it. And I also prioritise student research surveys.

What’s Chronic Pain Australia’s National Pain Survey about?

As defined in the Information for Participants;

The purpose of the survey is to explore your experiences living with pain, whether you experience pain yourself or you care for someone who does. Understanding this experience can help Chronic Pain Australia (CPA) inform various stakeholder audiences, help determine advocacy topics and the direction of consumer-led research.

In other words, help the organisation to help you better!