I’m a top blogger in this day and age of youthful influencers!

And I’m also really proud to be a representative of the lived experience among a stream of companies and services listed on FeedSpot’s 70 Best Pain Management Blogs and Websites. And, I’m the only Australian-listed blog in the top 40.

Rated number six and facing the world with a profile image among business logos, I feel quite chuffed about this achievement.

FeedSpot is a subscription-based website. It simplifies the process of staying up-to-date with your favourite websites and blogs by aggregating all of your feeds into one convenient location.

I haven’t paid to be part of this site, so the least I thought to do is give huge thanks. Having said that, it has been a bit of work managing pudendalnerve.com.au over the past decade… and a few years, so the first person I should thank is myself. I fund and manage the site totally on my own, and with some previous membership help that some of you have kindly donated.

Thank you!

I do believe the reference list of Pain Management Blogs and Websites is excellent. There are so many management clinics and even research blogs to learn from, including my dear friend Bronnie Lennox Thompson’s HealthSkills Blog.

I’m not only thrilled to be so highly regarded in this super feed, but I’m also relieved to see that pudendalnerve.com.au is still a valuable resource and in a position to keep helping people.

I’m also going to take this opportunity as reassurance that I don’t need to join TikTok to keep my voice out there.

pudendalnerve.com.au Number 6 of 70 Best Pain Management Blogs and Websites