I have posted much info about Ian Cleary and the Lightning Process. Like my DNA investigation, this costs quite a bit but would be very worth it.

After recently reconnecting with Ian Cleary, I learned that the Lightning Process has been offered online through COVID and will resume in person now but still offer some online courses. Learn more here.

I spoke to Ian for over an hour when I first inquired about Lightning Process. He is so lovely and gives you so much time.

Then I read the Lightning Process book and had one instant result from it; I could once again tip my head under the tap to rinse my teeth. And I went from not doing it to doing it without even thinking! I do believe the Lightning Process is effective.

So I’ve remained subscribed to Ian Cleary’s newsletter and it’s wonderful. Here’s what I received this week and here’s something to really consider. Doesn’t it all make sense?


My last email was on the decision people make that starts their journey towards recovery. If you missed “STOP THE WAITING GAME” you can find it HERE.

So you’re sick of waiting and ready to take that first step.

This first step on the journey to recovery is essential AND easy. Have a go below.

(It’s so essential that I knock back anyone who applies for a Lightning Process training & hasn’t or can’t do this step. It’s THAT important).

Simply answer this question –
Simple question right?

But HOW people answer this question is important.


Chronic iIllness is stressful. It can be confusing, overwhelming, scary & unpredictable.

It’s stressful.

Stress hormones do what stress hormones do – they get us to focus on the problem.

(Think stress hormones & the classic “fight or flight” tiger metaphor – where’s your focus? The problem.)

Stress hormones make us focus on the problem – pain, fatigue, other symptoms, loss of income, loss of friends, inability to eat/sleep/exercise/recover.

Here is a key piece of neuroscience. The brain changes with experience. So over time, the stressful experience of chronic illness changes our brain. We get really good at focusing on the problem.

HOWEVER – the way out of chronic illness is NOT through focusing on the problem.

I know that might sound illogical but that’s what shows up time and time again.

When I ask people “what they want”, they often start by telling me what they want to get rid of, avoid or not have – The tiger. That’s actually not what they want. It’s what they DON’T want.

“I want the pain to go away.” “I don’t want to experience crushing fatigue anymore”. “I’m sick of feeling this way”.

However focusing on the problem ISN’T the best way to recover from chronic illness.

Change starts by shifting focus away from what you don’t want and instead focusing purely on what you DO want.


Simply write down WHAT YOU WANT

Even the action of writing it down helps.

Don’t mention the ‘tiger’ (pain, fatigue, pay-back, stress, crashes, flare-ups).

What is the life you would love – socially, physically, emotionally, work, spiritually, community, hobbies, relationships. Go into lots of detail.

The experience of writing it down is actually beginning to rewire the brain. You are taking the first critical step. Just don’t mention the tiger!

Through writing this list you are also establishing your powerful WHY.

WHY are you willing to work at making change. And change WILL take work. As I mentioned in my last email, if you are waiting for someone to fix you, you might be waiting a long time.

The work doesn’t have to be hard but it has to be done….and by you.

So what do you want?

Traps to watch for:

Is it specific & emotive
“I want to be healthy & happy”.
Boring! Everyone wants this. Make it specific for YOU. It’s YOUR future.

When you read your list does it excite you? (Or terrify, overwhelm or depress you?) Emotions play a fascinating role in neuroplasticity and what happens next. We will work towards an exciting future.

I want to work 5 days a week & still have energy for the weekend.
I want to have the energy to play with the grandkids.
I want to hike the Inca Trail.
I want to have the confidence & energy to socialise & meet someone special.
I want to be spontaneous about eating whatever is offered.

Is it too hard to believe
Is there hopelessness, negativity or a sense of not wanting to build your hopes up? Are you playing it small for fear of failure? Then you don’t believe it’s possible. That will get in the way and impact your effort, consistency and what you do WHEN you hit a challenge. Without hope then why would you put in the effort. Reading success emails form others helps you see what’s possible. Here’s a good start

Get excited about your future.

Is it forward focused
No reference to the past or what you don’t want. Your past does not determine your future.

I want to be able to walk the river track without paying for it the next day. – SORRY try again. This reference to what you don’t want will keep you in a spiral of fear and stress.

I want to walk the river track every day, feel great & get fitter.


Once you know what you want THEN you can start exploring whether you have the knowledge, skills & support to achieve what you want.

If you don’t have the knowledge, skills or support then think about how you can get them. Just keep staying focused on what you want.

Get clear on what you want first then TAKE ACTION………..

Email if I can assist with getting what you want.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Christchurch trainings are open for applications. Monthly online options also available.