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I can’t really think of a better way to mark my 14 year anniversary with chronic pain than to present this wonderful (loooong) chat with my diagnosing physiotherapist, Anne-Florence Plante.

I will clarify firstly that Anne-Florence’s official title is not Soula’s physiotherapist but rather her qualification is Senior Clinician Physiotherapist.

Anne-Florence Plante not only diagnosed me but this awe-inspiring human is the reason exists. We have stayed in touch on and off over the years which has been wonderful and now, given my move to video advocacy it was only fitting that my first two chats were with Theo and Anne-Florence.

Since 2011 when I first published this website, many of you have written to me to ask about the physiotherapy Anne-Florence Plante provided that not only led me out of a 4.5-year search for an explanation to the pain I was experiencing but that ended up guiding my future treatment and pain management. I’m so happy to be able to share this informative conversation.

I’m sure it will be of value to not only patients searching for an explanation about Pudendal Neuralgia, chronic pelvic pain and trauma but I’m sure it will also offer great guidance to practitioners.

What we talk about in this chat (with lots of other detail in between):

1:05 Diagnosis
1:36 Pudendal Neuralgia
4:50 Appointment approach today
16:00 Anne-Florence’s Formal training
20:05 Isolating pelvic pain
23:40 Educating people & practitioners
27:30 Navigating the journey
30:34 An explanation
36:20 Do I still have Pudendal Neuralgia
37:12 Management
43:00 Et Voila!
44:26 PainTrain – My Health Summary