There's so much to learn in order to be able to navigate chronic pain. The psychological side of pain is huge as is the energy required to manage it!
That's why we need fantastic coaches like Amy Eicher. Certainly what adds to Amy's ability to help and reach people is her own experience of being lost in the search for diagnosis and finding her own way from there. To add to that, Amy's education path is a very interesting one – one that totally validates her ability to understand and help people!
Amy and I talk about all the above... and more:
00:39 Amy's Story
1:41 Pain in the Brain
3:56 From Pain to Education
7:41 Restoring Venus
12:08 The Personal Story
12:55 Pathways
13:53 Pain Management
15:52 Appointments
18:23 Working with Amy
22:05 Pain Coaching
24:27 Strategy
28:10 The Essence of Amy
32:42 Transforming Pain
33:53 Gratitude
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