I’m the organised type. I need to be active in my life and feel valuable to myself and society.

That’s hard to achieve when you live with limitations. 

But as the world advances and the latest thrust of telehealth – a positive impact from COVID, continues to roll out, the opportunities for people living with limitations are becoming abundant.

Opportunities are more able to come to us via online technologies – all we have to do now is seize them!

I’ve always wanted to learn first aid. The last time I learned first aid was at school in a physical education class – shameful!

So when I heard about the St John Ambulance online course, I jumped at the booking.

The course is demanding physically, but the instructors can work with you.

You can also do what I did and watch and listen in from your comfy position.

I know from what I’ve experienced and read about flight or fight that in the event of an emergency, my brain will kick into overdrive and get me through it. I will be able to apply what I learned most definitely.

These fabulous dolls and props are sent to you at home once you book the course. You also must complete some study before doing the live zoom physical part of the course – it’s easy, and you can do it in your own time. 

Learning first aid is a big deal, and that I’ve participated and done my bit to potentially save a life makes me feel great about myself.

‘Great about myself’ is a drive I’ve had throughout my chronic health journey. Staying on top and doing my best are all positive mindsets that impact my potential to manage and heal. 

It’s a whatever-it-takes approach and remaining focused on the what-I-can-do, not the what-I-can’t.