Well, now you have the opportunity to listen to him speak.

The Avenue Hospital and Warringal Private are inviting people living with pain, their families and loved ones to a free educational event with Pain Specialists Australia (PSA).

As medical director and co-founder of PSA, Dr Nick Christelis will be discussing chronic pain treatment options.

I love the idea of online information sessions. Even more, I love the fact that someone living with pain can access these sessions from the comfort of their environment and that such information is free.

When I started this website, my hope was to connect people living with pain with healthcare practitioners.

At the time (2011), there was no online information or help for Pudendal Neuralgia and other such pelvic pain. I thought if I could provide the information in one place, it would help everyone connect and solve dreaded pain issues (or at least speed up the process of diagnosis and treatment).

I didn’t hope it would take nine years.

Nine years…!!!

But we have arrived and the point is that anyone can access this information session.

I did make a suggestion when my fab specialist let me know about this event. I thought it would be great if a box could be added to the sign-up form that would allow a question to be submitted upon registration.

More info and registration here.

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