Would have been great if all injured workers labelled as ‘complex cases’ were notified of this survey participation call.
Thank you to my twitter sister, Everyday AUSSIE @GalGeelong for letting me know.


The Minister for Workplace Safety, the Hon. Jill Hennessy, has appointed Mr Peter Rozen QC to review the agent model in managing complex Workers’ Compensation claims.

The Review responds to recommendation 1 of the Victorian Ombudsman’s 2019 Report ‘WorkSafe 2: Follow up investigation into the management of complex workers compensation claims’.

The Review will consider if the agent model is suitable,  adequate and effective in the management and administration of complex claims.

WorkSafe contracts five providers, or agents, to administer claims management on its behalf. This way of operating workers compensation in Victoria is called the agent model.

The Review will determine how and by whom complex claims should be managed to maximise outcomes for injured workers, having regard to the need to maintain the financial viability of the scheme.

The aim of consultation is to obtain views and opinions to inform the Reviewer’s recommendations about the effective management of complex claims in Victoria’s WorkCover scheme.

Submissions and responses may be quoted in the final report (with permission) to the Minister for Workplace Safety.

Deadline for submission: 5pm Monday 28 September 2020