For a second time, the Victorian Ombudsman (VO) investigated WorkSafe and their insurer’s activities.

Deborah Glass described her findings as ‘Immoral and unethical’. Certainly, that fits the description of my experience with this system over the last 13 years.

What I also read in the report fitting with my experience, was the point that every ‘professional’ that appears ‘for’ the system is being paid. The only participant not being paid in the compensation process is the injured worker.

Let’s think about that.

I watch the many class actions brought forward by Australians and I wonder when that day will come for injured workers to be heard.

I’m waiting for my closure, I’m waiting for a fair response from the treatment I was dealt with from ‘professionals’ acting for WorkSafe.

I’m also waiting for the money lost battling these bullies and for my compensation. It’s the support I’m entitled to and it’s the support I can very much do with – especially as I age with my life long injury.

I’m ecstatic about any media that exposes this system but for some reason, it never amounts to a systematic change or serves the justice injured workers so deserve.

Recently I wrote to the Hon Jill Hennessy. I continue to follow the minister on Twitter. The Hon responded to my letter and perhaps this is telling of why a systematic change never arises.

All injured workers are sent straight back to the wolf.

Note also, the blatant lie that ‘…WorkSafe agents are responsive to the needs of injured workers and deliver timely services to a high standard’. Oh please!

Hon Jill Hennessy response

How can a Government organisation be an authority and regulator at the same time?

Until now, a Victorian injured worker could only report the misbehaviour to the VO.

Until now, injured workers’ hopes, only ever amounted to a second report. Many injured workers didn’t even have their experience heard there was so much information to collate.

Please, keep contacting the VO.

I had my case heard. It was published in the second report. Further to, the investigation by the VO exposed information that was hidden from me by my insurer in order to swing a decision their way.

Will anyone be held accountable as a result to this exposed information?

‘WorkSafe have accepted all the recommendations…’

Thank you for that empty response Hon Jill Hennessy. Do you realise this was stated after the last report also? Nothing changed.


None. What can I do about this hidden information, all the unethical treatment, the money lost in the battles, the compensation gaps never to be paid? Who will hear my case and who will respond and hold those responsible to account?

Isn’t that a job for WorkSafe given they select and authorise insurers to manage compensation cases? Will they ever hold their insurers accountable? I have a feeling the answer has already been printed in the letter I received from Hon Jill Hennessy’s. I have a feeling, this paragraph has been printed a few times!

‘Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact… Analyst at Worksafe… or’

As I said, straight back to the wolf.