It’s hard to watch these programs and listen to the stories of injured workers and how their lives are affected because of the poor and unjust Workers Compensation system in Australia.

I notice that not one ‘official’ WorkSafe representative or a Minister ever attends these programs – no one ever fronts injured workers! Which WorkSafe employee or Government employee would actually have the face to look at another human who had been treated so badly? Insurers are never there either!

Yet, in order to understand the personal effect on lives as a result of this unethical treatment what is required is the fact that being unable to work and unable to access help, is destroying human lives.

Until injured workers continue to fill out their case number in place of their names and while the system is focused on avoiding liability nothing will change.

Dr Mary Wyatt assessed me when I had no choice but to claim Total and Permanent Disability via my Superannuation. Her assessment was gentle, fair and just. And while I continue to live in pain, the result of the assessment meant we could secure our home and I could access the treatment I needed which was denied by Worksafe.

Hurt At Work

What happens after you get hurt at work? Insight looks at the current systems in place which aim to get workers back on the job – but what does that actually involve? And what are the effects on the injured worker, both physically and mentally? Producer: Amanda Xiberras Associate producers: Harrison Johnstone and Connor Webster.