I’m not going to try and guess.

I’m closing the door on the ‘reasoning rooms’ and I’m not going to investigate what might have caused a sudden flare.

‘Soula, let’s not go there. Don’t enter that routine. Don’t walk towards the dead end. Don’t waste your time… again!’

‘You’ve wasted years, Soula. Over a decade in fact thinking in rooms that provided no answers. They are mostly empty – blank walls, no windows, no air to breath!’

COVID-19 restrictions have lifted in regional Victoria. It’s been months since Theo and I stepped out for an end of day drink.

The sun was out, it was so warm and the community spirit kicked in. We also wanted to show support for local businesses that have been shut all this time.

It makes a difference in a small town. Huge.

Certainly might have made a difference to my pelvis.

Whoops. Don’t go there… close the door.


I had a massage the second day after restrictions were lifted. A short ride to the next suburb.

Could that have…? Maybe…

Just shut it! Shut that door brain!


It’s a beautiful balmy night. You can feel the weight in the air, the clouds are heavy. A storm is on the way and lot’s of rain this week.

Hmmm… a storm after warm days…

Honestly… just. Shut. That. Damn. Door. NOW!


(Image: Self-portrait with Venetian mask on. Oil on wood panel)