Alexander Technique is a very special kind of physiotherapy. Well, it's kind of not physiotherapy but rather a guiding formula for your body and mind.
When I was in my first few years of chronic pain, I sought to set up my pain management team on foot as I quickly realised the car was a terrible trauma for me. I found Knowbody Physiotherapy online and discovered that the owner, Maddy Lock was in East Melbourne which was the suburb just next to mine.
Crossing one of Melbourne's busiest roads (and tram tracks) and into the peaceful streets of East Melbourne with its low rise homes and divine parks, I walked gently to my appointment. Theo would pick me up by car as it was usually difficult to manage the appointment as well as walk back home.
I learned so much from Maddy. I was in the thick of it when I met her – I needed fine-tuning and Alexander Technique helped me find that. I learned how to approach my daily life in a lighter, softer, gentler way and to this day I use all that I learne...

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