Can visualising the personal health experience lead to better care and understanding?

You all know what I think and believe about this. But now, I’m aiming to inform the rest of the world about the importance of visualising health.

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Date: Oct 5, 2022
Time: 3:30 pm (Melbourne Australia time)

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10:05 AM Soula Mantalvanos’s Presentation
10:25 AM Q & A Session
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Presentation Summary

Soula’s lived experience with chronic illness spans 15 years. In addition, Soula had to wait 4.5 years for a diagnosis.

Years of living with chronic pain and misdiagnosis refocused Soula’s professional creative communication experience on better quality of care.

Advocating for chronic illness, Soula has presented her pain management resources at medical conferences, self-published a book, appeared in an award-winning documentary and established

Soula’s greatest achievement is becoming the founder of the health-visualising tool and App, My Health Story.

Join Soula for the live webinar and hear why she believes the time has come to power up the patient!