There’s no way I could have set up a video resource section of people who have most impacted my chronic pain journey without including Dr Susie Gronski.

That reason is because I love that Dr Susie’s practice is totally focused on helping males with pelvic issues. I’m so in support of that because from – what I hear, it’s even harder to find a specialist who can help a pelvis owner with a penis than it is to find a specialist who can help a pelvis owner with a clitoris.

Dr Susie and I also collaborate with PainTrain – My Health Summary. Dr Susie is part of the PainTrain Advisory group and provides much-needed practitioner insight into PainTrain’s development. If you’re on my PainTrain then you would have come across Dr Susie’s input specifically in the customisable questionnaire section (thanks Dr Susie!).

Another amazing thing about Dr Susie is her communication and her abundant modern-day resources and approach to helping people. As you know, I’m a lover of communication. Another thing you’ll know is how misdiagnosed and information deprived I was when I first experienced pain. Had I had access to something like in my first 4.5 years, things may have been very different for me.

You are awe-inspiring Dr Susie, I just adore you!

You guys are going to love this chat. There is help out there… help and hope!

What Dr Susie and I chat about:

1:45 About male pelvic pain
5:07 The penis owner’s pelvis
8:44 Acute to chronic
11:08 Care language
12:39 Diagnosis, labels & the human experience
13:53 Figuring out the pain
17:28 Unvalidated human experience
19:10 All kinds of penis owners welcome
21:00 Dr Susie’s approach
28:05 Finding the source of pain
30:15 Internal examinations
33:35 Visual & function changes
37:37 The ‘norm’ standard
41:19 Sex pain & changes
43:31 Pelvic Pain The Ultimate Cock Block
45:25 Other Susie resources
47:03 Seeking help… from anywhere!
48:18 Love & thanks

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