There's no way I could have set up a video resource section of people who have most impacted my chronic pain journey without including Dr Susie Gronski.
That reason is because I love that Dr Susie's practice is totally focused on helping males with pelvic issues. I'm so in support of that because from – what I hear, it's even harder to find a specialist who can help a pelvis owner with a penis than it is to find a specialist who can help a pelvis owner with a clitoris.
Dr Susie and I also collaborate with PainTrain – My Health Summary. Dr Susie is part of the PainTrain Advisory group and provides much-needed practitioner insight into PainTrain's development. If you're on my PainTrain then you would have come across Dr Susie's input specifically in the customisable questionnaire section (thanks Dr Susie!).
Another amazing thing about Dr Susie is her communication and her abundant modern-day resources and approach to helping people. As you know, I'm a lover of communication. Another thin...

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