I'll deem my efforts a success.

I managed. I learned a bundle. I made something of the chronic pain experience. And I believe I provided some insight.

I arrived at Yarra Valley Lodge on Thursday night and left Sunday early morning to manage the presentation, question time and a short attendance at the dinner on Saturday evening.

So that's 3 night's sleep (and one nap Saturday afternoon) to get the focus I needed, and so I could appear in a way that I felt reflected my most Soula self. The presentation (below) took weeeeeeeeks to put together! Something that would have taken me a few short days previously.

That might sound a lot of sacrifice to many of you but with this approach, my pain levels remained low (if not off) and on my return to Queenscliff, I could resume my part-time work and the week ahead as per normal. It worked, I'm pacing up!

I do have a niggle though. We're not learning fast enough. We're not listening hard enough. I left disappointed I hadn't achieved enough.
My presentation

I wasn't able to film during the conference for obvious reasons but I have put together the graphic presentation with my voice over.

WARNING: This presentation contains calls for a new approach to the management of chronic pain. It calls for bundles of learning for both professional and patient as well as sacrifice and 100% commitment. It's a little boring and most disheartening for those on the search for a quick fix.

In this presentation:
0:28 Outline
0:43 About Soula
0:58 The accident
1:44 Chronic pain treatment & investigations
2:19 The peripheral stimulation implant
2:36 Diagnosis
3:00 Quality of life
— More treatment
3:27 Communicating Pain
3:50 What is our understanding of Pain?
4:50 Resources for pain
— pudendalnerve.com.au
— The Hurting Strings Documentary
— My book Art & Chronic Pain
7:14 Changing our ways
— New definitions
7:48 John Quintner
— the third space
— pain is like love
9:21 Explain Pain
— Prof Lorimer Moseley / David Butler
— What should we know about pain?
— Tame the Beast
10:40 Changing our behaviour
— Protectometer
— PainTrain – My Health Summary
11:20 Example management
— (how I managed the talk)
11:28 PainTrain examples
— first appointment healthcare scenario
— postoperative healthcare scenario
— follow up specialist appointment scenario
15:28 Conquering pain management

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