I thought you might like to see some of the artwork I’ve created over the past two years.

It’s been slow but I’m really happy with this body of work. Being unable to travel, I’ve switched back to the topic that glares at me every day. The invisible quality of pain is still of great interest to me and I love the characteristics of dolls and whimsical characters.

In these works, I’ve worked in some Fornasetti wallpaper which we have in our home. The patterns have been wonderful to paint. And in the cases of the hot-air balloons, I have morphed them into more personal representations.

Some works are for sale, some I can’t part with just yet – perhaps never and some are already sold.

Medium varies between acrylic and egg tempera with graphite on linen (some with 23kt gold leaf).

A Dream, Weightless
Hares’ Heads
Hares’ Secret Keys
Hover State
I Shall Remain Nameless
Life Measures in Place
Personal Collection
Self Reflection
Taking Flight
Travel Memories

Hares’ Heads etching
Taking Flight
(2nd state) intaglio collagraph

Sale enquiries to:
Queenscliff Gallery
03 4202 0942