How gorgeous does my spine look with that dangling necklace!?

Well, that’s what I thought until I was read my gloomy bone density score;


BoneDensity002What does that mean? It means thinning bones at the age of (then) 43. That’s not good, in fact I landed, once again, in that unique and very small group of patients with a rare condition.

I investigated (surprise!) and found my mum’s bone density was better than mine… my mum is 70. Worried? Yep.

For two years I had this ‘pretty’ spine image in my head, downing the Calcium and Vit D, anticipating my next scan would show an improvement.

It didn’t. I was referred to an endocrinologist (he was lovely!).

(This isn’t why he was lovely) but it was the first time in 8 years I had great news at an appointment. I was NOT osteoporotic, my implant was interfering with my bone density reading.

Naughty implant. A two-year joke! I don’t even need another scan until I’m menopausal (can’t wait for that!).

So, bone density stressor? Done and dusted.

Thank you very much.