A most essential chat – person (living with pain)-to-person (living with pain).

As well as having a lived experience of pain in common, Deb and I also share a love for communication – Deb via media studies (film, video, etc) and myself through art and design.

For two people with a great understanding of communication, our experiences navigating the chronic pain journey have been different. Having said that, the frustrations have been oh so similar! 

All of it is ground level information of what it's like to work through diagnosis, a life-changing situation and coming out the other side.

Deb also shares her excellent resources – some previously shared on the website but some local to her New Zealand network and they are brilliant!

In my chat with Deb we cover:

00:17 About Deb
1:38 People pleasing
3:45 The unknown
5:28 Work status change
5:43 Livelihood & life change
11:15 A new Approach
13:03 Communicating Pain
23:00 Hero speak
23:15 Keys in communicating pain?
24:26 Mutual Understanding
25:36 Partners
28:27 Ideas beyond pain
31:04 Pain Management
44:03 Bravery
45:00 Vulnerability
49:52 The Life Lesson
53:15 'Work'
54:19 Advocacy

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