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Art and distraction

By | 2013-10-14T11:21:22+00:00 November 23rd, 2011|Creativity, Learn, Living, Manage, My treatment, Personal resources|

My creativity has been one of my main coping mechanisms through my chronic pain life. It's the place I go to feel free, release the steam, express my pain, and to get distracted to the point of pain! But it's worth it every time. There isn't a lot I can achieve with my capacity so one drawing, one painting over months, one post on my blog... anything, it's all worth it.

Help? Yes please

By | 2012-01-16T07:17:31+00:00 November 20th, 2011|Learn, Manage, Personal resources|

This shouldn't take too long to grasp but I understand it may take a little while to actually put it into motion... Not used to having help hey? Well I wasn't either, never needed any. But once I realised I could get more out of my day by learning "Yes please", it got easier to say it. In fact I ask for help now. I even leave things on the floor if its a bad day (just push it aside with my foot, it'll be dealt with later) because I realise it means more capacity to do other things and LESS PAIN. Of course this only applies if you have help...


By | 2014-09-11T19:26:49+00:00 November 20th, 2011|Learn, Manage, Personal resources|

Since my accident many things, like facebook, have taken on a new meaning. It’s a great way to socialise (actually, let me be honest, its a great distraction) especially if you can’t get out easily. And the best thing is [...]

The car

By | 2012-01-16T07:18:56+00:00 November 19th, 2011|Learn, Manage, Personal resources|

I don't like the car... or other transport. I would be a passenger for a quick trip (cushions galore and my experienced husband driving) and wonder what all the pain was 18-24 hours later. Well once that happened a few [...]