Best Seat In The HouseYou can’t beat it, don’t even try and argue with me on this one. The toilet is most certainly THE best seat in the house (well my house for sure, actually come to think of it, any house or place I go to). And it’s not because my coccyx, muscles, internal bits and pieces are squished up against my already squished pudendal nerve by a flat seat, it’s because using the toilet for its primary use (I won’t go into details here but the number two comes to mind), relieves pressure (you know, makes space) for a very pissed off (pardon the pun) pudendal nerve.

So… make a shelf, pile a lovely set of books on it, get your pen and paper in there, pop a rug down, stick your posters up, put the phone on loud speaker and be prepared… this is going to be a second bedroom! Window view would be very special but pain relief will certainly be pleasing enough for me.