My family, Theo, Origin of Image and Zephyr

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There isn't one single reason I can give for 'coping', I think a few things play a role. The biggest of all, I believe is my own brain's chemistry and built in ability, something I don't believe I have control over and was born with (and how greatful I am for this ultimate survival gift!), but coming in second, or even on par, is my husbandly support, Theo. I don't know what I would have done if Theo hadn't understood my pain and my eratic injury and hadn't supported me 200%. Seriously there were days I thought I was crazy...

My pre pain life…

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I was active, I had capacity, boundless energy to execute my creative thoughts (and meet the expectations of a full social calendar!). I worked veeeeery long and wonderful days, I walked everywhere, lunching, dining, starting every day at a local cafe, picking up art materials, walking the dog, running the dog, to Carlton, the city, Fitzroy, I skipped through the streets of the great arrondissements of Paris when on annual holidays, and swore by my four day a week yoga routine that unravelled my body and had me feeling like Gumby warm to the ends of my extremities... There was no 'tired', 'sore', 'fatigued', 'have to rest', there was no 'pain'. Like I said, it was bliss.


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No donations necessary but if you are a health org and would like to support the cause I would certainly appreciate the sponsorship. Everyone else just blab your head off if the site has been a help to you. If you can provide more information and new resources then please use the contact form and let me know. Quickly!

Why a flower?

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Chronic pain is a waste of life’s precious time, its a huge hold up. But if you have to deal with it then you have to find a way to cope through the awful journey and survive it. Before my precious implant (Professor Teddy I love you!!), I couldn’t move much without pain, everything hurt and it hurt all the time. And yet, my gorgeous friends and family kept telling me ‘but you look so good for someone who’s in pain all day!’ (Uum… thanks??).

Escape the birdcage

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Its limiting living in a birdcage!!! But when you are injured, unable to work, need to rely on a system for money, you don't want to risk losing your only source of income. So you sit, gagged, locked up, don't attempt or try anything and that can be most damaging. How did I survive in the birdcage?

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