No donations necessary but if you are a health org and would like to support the cause I would certainly appreciate the contact. Everyone else just blab your head off if the site has been a help to you. If you can provide more information and new resources then please use the contact form and let me know. Quickly!

I can’t say it’s been a pleasure to produce this site but hopefully creating an Australian resource and awareness for other sufferers of pelvic chronic pain, and also for injured workers who are not getting any support (and hopefully escaping trouble!!), has certainly been satisfying. I know now that if I had the understanding for my issue after my accident, alot of painful time, financial upheaval, life disruption, frustration and possible permanent damage would have been avoided. But if I’ve managed to even make you laugh or give you a place you can visit very easily, when you want to have a yaaaaaaaarn or a whiiiiiiinge then the project has definitely been worth it! I hope I’ve managed that much.

I must thank my gorgeous and extremely supportive husband Theo too, for… well… um everything actually! He does it all, yep, all of it and 24/7…  good job hey? Like it? Email him or visit Origin of Image.

thank you