A new DVD resource, Healing the Pain ‘Down There’: A Guide for Females with Persistent Genital and Sexual Pain

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There have been many times during my years of chronic pain where I wondered, ‘Why didn’t I know that?’. Usually, the information is quite basic and I feel as though I’ve been deprived by never knowing something so crucial and [...]

This Train is Bound for… Wholeville: A Travel Guide for the Perplexed

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Here are some of the important messages that we hope you have taken on board: Your brain can be a powerful tool to help you manage your pain experience. Like all of our life experiences, that of being in pain can be changed. You are not to blame for your persistent pain. You can experience pain without evidence of tissue damage and not experience pain when tissue damage has occurred. Drugs (or needles) alone are not the answer. The “third space” engagement gives you the best possible opportunity to better manage your pain. Consider embracing the whope model of care. Could this be your slogan? Know pain, know thyself!

Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA, Making Sense of Pain 14 – 15 Nov 2014

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(Read the full post on the Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA website: www.arthritiswa.org.au or click on the flyer to download a pdf) 14th Nov 2014 to 15th Nov 2014 Time 08.30 - 4.30 Registration Closing Date 7th Nov 2014 Venue Information Wyliie Arthritis Centre 17 Lemnos Street Shenton Park WA On-site About the venue Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. Contact John Quintner & Melanie Galbraith John: 0419956418 jqu33431@bigpond.net.au Melanie: 0405963658 MelanieG@arthritiswa.org.au Registration General $375.00 ea Event Description What sets "Making Sense of Pain" apart from other Pain Management workshops and seminars? We show you how to put this information into practice and improve your interactions with patients to ensure more positive outcomes. This workshop is dedicated to the memory of Robert Elvey [1942-2013], a WA pioneering physiotherapist (pictured on the flyer).

Blog | Sexology 101 | The Internal Clitoris

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Hallelujah! Pardon my pun here, especially as I'm preaching sexuality on a Sunday morning but finally, here is some thorough research and attention for the clitoris. Thank you Louise Smith for sending this link to me.. I think it's essential info for everyone, not just women with PN. Thank you melodiousmsm for writing this and thank you to artist and sex educator, Betty Dodson for the fabulous artwork.

National Pain Report, My Story: A Pain in the Coccyx

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(http://americannewsreport.com/nationalpainreport/my-story-a-pain-in-the-coccyx-8823596.html) The National Pain Report, my story. April 14th, 2014 by Soula Mantalvanos I begged my neurosurgeon to do anything, even to chop my coccyx off. But after getting opinions from other surgeons, he suggested not to go the invasive path as we had the option for an implant called a peripheral stimulator, a treatment that was reversible. It made more sense.

Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA, Making Sense of Pain, 7-8th March

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The aim of this workshop is to provide physiotherapists and other health professionals with an opportunity to effectively translate their knowledge and skills into clinical practice. Of equal importance is that they become aware of their own beliefs and attitudes to people in pain and the potential for these attributes to colour therapeutic relationships and influence outcomes.

The book: Art & Chronic Pain – A Self Portrait

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Yes, I've found another medium to express my pain and you can own your own copy of it! I didn't see the point of creating a long description of my living with pain, sharing my tips, turning journal entries into a pain story. I am, first and foremost, before the pain life, an artist... so my book had to contain many pictures and few words, just 32 pages in fact, but I believe it's a complete story. It doesn't hold the solution for PN but it'll allow you to explain it to someone else, leave it on the coffee table, and it will be light enough to carry around. Above all I created it to express my experience so far and so that it is a bit of a companion to another PN family member. The idea was for the reader to feel empathy in a world where no one seems to understand, and to ease the pain as you look through it.

My pain feels like…

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This is a brilliant website! Have you ever been in so much pain you found it too hard to speak? Dumb question, of course you have, you're on a PN website. Well the mypainfeelslike.com website includes a pain questionnaire where [...]