You’ve all heard the impact Prof Lorimer Moseley made on my pain journey – well my diagnosis actually.

If it weren’t for him I wonder how much longer I would have been left searching for the reason behind (pardon the pun) the pain. It took 4.5 years!

Lorimer’s research continues and this time he’s teamed up with some fabulous physiotherapists to make a lighthearted – but still serious, animation about chronic pain.

What I love about this, is that it speaks a language that’s simple. It’s actually interesting to people we try to convince about our pain experiences – most importantly ourselves!

Science just can’t define pain in a way we all want to read it.

Tame the Beast has already gone viral which is great for the chronic pain world – we definitely need to move from the dark ages and learn (and believe!) what research is now telling us.

People with pain will also benefit because it makes the brain register a new message that perhaps, just maybe, and very likely, your pain experience is not serious. It can change. You can manage it. And in some cases you can get over it.

I believe I would have had a whole different experience had I received this communication at 8 weeks when I went back to my GP to check out why the pain had persisted.

Certainly all the mechanical investigations would not have been required.

But it’s today. 10 years later. And it took this long for us to learn.

So hit play. Then hit it again… make this your mantra! Pick out the bits that resonate and recite them in your head when the pain is screaming at you.

Tame that beast!