Awwwards Honorable Mention

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Oh happy day! Yes this website has been nominated for an Awwwards 'Site of the Day' with an Honorable Mention. Please help me say, 'thank you' to the wonderful team at Origin of Image who helped me put this pelvic pain resource together and in turn gain more awareness for pudendal neuralgia. All you need to do is visit this awwardswebsite link, log in with your facebook or twitter account (or register) and rate us from 1-10. To date, pudendalnerve.com.au has had almost 10,000 visitors. It certainly isn't anything to be happy about, that's alot of people in pain, but if thats an indication the website is indeed becoming a resource, creating awareness and helping with the frustration of chronic pain, which in turn gives great relief and direction, then I'll be very happy. My chronic pain at least served a purpose.

Published and about to be heard!

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Thank you Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication, for publishing my political poster.

Australia's WorkSafe system needs a serious update for the sake of Employers, Workers and Tax Payers. I'm hoping to get enough views to be published in the Graphis Annual and send a personally signed copy to our WorkSafe Minister.

My family, Theo, Origin of Image and Zephyr

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There isn't one single reason I can give for 'coping', I think a few things play a role. The biggest of all, I believe is my own brain's chemistry and built in ability, something I don't believe I have control over and was born with (and how greatful I am for this ultimate survival gift!), but coming in second, or even on par, is my husbandly support, Theo. I don't know what I would have done if Theo hadn't understood my pain and my eratic injury and hadn't supported me 200%. Seriously there were days I thought I was crazy...

My pre pain life…

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I was active, I had capacity, boundless energy to execute my creative thoughts (and meet the expectations of a full social calendar!). I worked veeeeery long and wonderful days, I walked everywhere, lunching, dining, starting every day at a local cafe, picking up art materials, walking the dog, running the dog, to Carlton, the city, Fitzroy, I skipped through the streets of the great arrondissements of Paris when on annual holidays, and swore by my four day a week yoga routine that unravelled my body and had me feeling like Gumby warm to the ends of my extremities... There was no 'tired', 'sore', 'fatigued', 'have to rest', there was no 'pain'. Like I said, it was bliss.

Why a flower?

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Chronic pain is a waste of life’s precious time, its a huge hold up. But if you have to deal with it then you have to find a way to cope through the awful journey and survive it. Before my precious implant (Professor Teddy I love you!!), I couldn’t move much without pain, everything hurt and it hurt all the time. And yet, my gorgeous friends and family kept telling me ‘but you look so good for someone who’s in pain all day!’ (Uum… thanks??).

Down the hole: a descent into painful isolation

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Chia Moan's painting Shrinking World aims to shed light on the effects of living with severe and persistent pain. Moan was among artists who spoke to pain sufferers and says she remembers one patient who said she felt like Alice disappearing down the rabbit hole, with the opening at the top growing smaller and smaller.

Art and distraction

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My creativity has been one of my main coping mechanisms through my chronic pain life. It's the place I go to feel free, release the steam, express my pain, and to get distracted to the point of pain! But it's worth it every time. There isn't a lot I can achieve with my capacity so one drawing, one painting over months, one post on my blog... anything, it's all worth it.

Pain loops, syndromes and an over protective brain

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How many definitions for pain signals are out there? It doesn't stop and I have to be really honest here, it all sounds like hogwash for a person who was unstoppable and prior to her injury had the stamina of a bull (as a friend once described me).

Escape the birdcage

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Its limiting living in a birdcage!!! But when you are injured, unable to work, need to rely on a system for money, you don't want to risk losing your only source of income. So you sit, gagged, locked up, don't attempt or try anything and that can be most damaging. How did I survive in the birdcage?