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Words… searching, searching… any second now… … … almost… actually, nope.., it’s not going to happen.  As if there’d be ANY words for me to explain how I feel writing this post. So please gear up with me, imagine the drum rolls and the biggest mountain you can imagine with me standing on the tippy top yelling because this IS real, IT’S true, IT’S official:

“I’M BACK AT WORK!!!!!!!”

No, I’ve not overdosed on my medication and the stress of a chronic pain issue has not damaged me enough to be hallucinating.., I. AM (wiggling heaps but all the same). SITTING. IN. A (very nice ergonomic). CHAIR. TYPING. THIS. POST!!!!

And, I definitely mean to sound excited. After all, I conquered a beast that came pretty close to defeating me and keeping me virtually still for the rest of my days (sadly I’ve not killed it completely but I’m still hopeful!).

It’s been 2,063 days since my ball went burst…


5 years, 7 months, 23 days (including today)


178,243,200 seconds


2,970,720 minutes


49,512 hours


294 weeks (since I’m kindly rounding down but in reality pain calls for rounding UP).

I feel like… like… ME! And there isn’t a greater feeling.

For those in pain choosing to read on, sadly I have no quick remedy to report but I will continue to yap because those with Pudendal Neuralgia (PN) must know and learn there can be a resolution, a treatment and a return to a great quality of life. I don’t believe this was a miracle or my mum’s prayers (God love her and everyone else that prayed for me) but rather four essential ingredients: diagnosis, the right treatment, a divine partner and the chemistry in my brain that I was born with (now I do have to thank a parent there!). Yes there’s a lot of other herbs and spices to this recipe of (almost) cure, like love and support from friends, community and family, exercise, diet, distractions, the right aids etc etc but it all means nothing without the main ingredients. NOTHING.

I only hope now that I continue to improve with the pain sitting at lower levels and physical activity on the upper levels.

Now here’s my speech… (give me one more minute, this is a big deal!)… I’d like to thank my beautiful and most supportive life partner who’s own life was so affected during this time, Theo. I have to thank Lorimer Moseley who read three paragraphs in an email and directed me to the wonderful and most PN experienced physiotherapist (AFP I LOVE YOU), who diagnosed me in all of about 10 minutes and immediately flung me into heavenly pain relief, and last but so not least, Dr Peter Courtney for the best nerve block treatment in the most difficult place with the biggest needle…

I would also like NOT to thank the hellish and out-of-date WorkCover system for its primitive and narrow-minded approach to chronic pain. I’d like to NOT thank them for their lack of suitable treatment and all the obstacles like pathetic and useless appointments that they added to my pain pile sending me backwards not forwards. I would however like to thank the last psychiatrist they sent me to for describing me as tall.

And no, this website doesn’t end here. At over 11,000 visitors to date it will remain here for PN updates and information, and further personal updates. I still have a way to go til I get to full-time work and the removal of my implant!

I’ll be here if anyone needs anything: and here: