Look what I came across today! Is FeetUp not the best thing?!

Well, actually, I’ll need a while to confirm if it’s the best thing as my FeetUp has just set off from Transylvania.

What’s not to love about having such a brilliant aid for doing yoga AND have it double as a very cool seat?

I’m not sure these guys have any idea about the sitting benefits for people with pelvic pain but I’m about to let on!

My endless efforts to find a way to get back into regular yoga practice keep falling on their head.

Pardon my pun… but I am hopeful FeetUp may help with that problem.

Prior to living in the land of pelvic pain, I lived in the land of bliss practising yoga regularly – four times per week!

For 45 minutes I was part dog, part warrior, a cat, a cow, even a pelican at times.

I became a tree, saluted the sun and enjoyed many various poses.

To end my routine, I’d slide up into shoulder stand (8 minutes), then send my toes passed my head in plough pose (for another 8 minutes) before unravelling to a corpse in Savasana pose. That was before I went for a walk!

To this day, almost 13 years later (I fear it’s getting far too long to keep documenting the time now), my body knows and thanks me for doing that yoga.

I’m far from limber but when I do a little yoga, the body remembers.

The arms go back, the strength comes back, so does the cat and cow. The dog has aged a bit and shoulder stand has found its own Soula style (when presenting itself on the very rare occasion).

Plough retired, completely defeated by pain from day 1. Unfortunate as I loved that pose so, it unravelled my spine so nicely).

(‘Don’t throw hope away, Soula’, FeetUp is on its way!)

At the very least, this position (left) is going to be a very welcome relief!

As will having an aid that has been (and appears) designed!

I’m going to have a seating aid that is also environmentally friendly with its purchase partly contributing to Trees for the Future!

FeetUp is well thought out all round. I am confident it’s going to (accidentally) be a great seat too.

Be watching the comments, I’ll leave one as soon as I test it out.