the PELVIC PAIN report

“Pelvic pain, while common, is often a hidden burden to the lives of many women. With emerging national and international knowledge about pain and the heavy toll it poses on individuals and society, it is timely that this report ‘The $6 Billion Woman and the $600 Million Girl’ raises pelvic pain to public attention as an important health issue. This call for action is overdue in a much neglected area of health and healthcare impacting the lives of so many women and girls in our community.” Dr Christine Bennett, MBBS FRACP Master Paed. Professor and Dean, School of Medicine, Sydney. The University of Notre D

This report is an Australian initiative to address human and fiscal burdens associated with conditions causing pelvic pain. It provides solutions to improve women’s health services and outcomes. The intended audiences for the Pelvic Pain Report are state and federal governments, funders, clinicians, consumers, allied health care professionals, researchers and research funders.

(Excerpt from $6 Billion woman and the $600 Million Girl)

Addressing pelvic pain must be a cornerstone of that commitment.

The purpose of this report is to identify the issues in diagnosis and management of pelvic pain, and to provide some solutions to in3luence the future health outcomes for Australian women and girls. Working with Government, Medical Colleges, af3iliated organisations, societies, faculties and those affected by pelvic pain conditions can assist in the implementation of the recommendations that will guarantee bene3its to individuals, the business sector, and society at large. The recommendations have been proposed after strong input from women and girls with these conditions. This has been obtained through the 25 years experience of patient advocacy organisation Endometriosis New Zealand, Australian womens’ case histories, and current Australian and New Zealand social networking comments.

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Pelvic Pain Steering Committee:

Deborah Bush QSM
CEO and Founder Endometriosis New Zealand,
Advocate for women’s health, and development of innovative health service provision.

Dr Susan Evans
Gynaecologist, Pain Medicine Physician,
Specialist in pelvic pain.
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Professor Thierry Vancaillie
Gynaecologist, Pain Medicine Physician,
Specialist in pelvic pain.