///Jacques Beco M.D

Jacques Beco M.D

Anyone in Belgium? Going to Belgium?

Dr. Jacques Beco is a perineologist that is located in Verviers, Belgium. Dr. Beco specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of pudendal neuropathies (pain, urinary and incontinence).

Google his name, many sites come up and you will also spot an email address. The links below provide lists of his publications.

This is a Jacques Beco publications link with pdf download option.

The Society for Pudendal Neuralgia offers, Jacques Beco publications.

This video presents the differents steps of a transperineal pudendal nerve decompression realized with the help of a resectoscope under saline irrigation. You will see how the nerve can be stretched at the exit of the Alcock’s canal during defecation or compressed on the sacro-spinal ligament while sitting. You will understand how the different entrapment levels are treated step by step by this mini-invasive method.
This video has been realized during a workshop organized by ICS-IUGA in Toronto August 2010. Read more…

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